Who we are

Bobby G, a beloved Australian kids fashion label, emerged in December 2015 under the creative vision of Georgie Gantley. Inspired by the arrival of her firstborn child, Bobby, Georgie embarked on a journey to provide little clothes that combine simplicity, style, and the utmost comfort. From her home in Bondi, Bobby G Baby Wear set out to dress little loves everywhere in designs that exude charm, durability, and a touch of effortless cool.

With a keen focus on kids' fashion, Bobby G aims to meet the diverse needs of children's clothing. Whether you're searching for boys' clothing, girls' clothing, or baby clothes, our collections offer a range of options that cater to every little fashionista and dapper dude.

Our brand ethos is rooted in the idea that less is more. Bobby G designs are characterised by their simplicity and minimalism. We believe that beauty lies in clean lines, muted tones, and modern prints that speak volumes without overwhelming. Each garment is carefully crafted to strike a perfect balance between style and practicality.

Central to our commitment is providing utmost comfort and durability for your little loves. We understand that children's clothing should withstand the rigours of everyday adventures, whether it's climbing trees, exploring nature, or building sandcastles at the beach. Bobby G garments are thoughtfully designed to allow unrestricted movement and play while ensuring that your child feels cozy and comfortable throughout the day.

By working with a gender-neutral colour palette, every piece in our collection effortlessly blends with others, allowing for endless mix-and-match possibilities.

Be prepared for the inevitable consequence: your child may end up looking cooler than you! Yes, it's one of the perils of Bobby G clothing. With their unique sense of style and effortless charm, our garments have been known to generate envy-inducing moments. We apologise in advance for any stylish showdowns that may ensue.

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to offer a range of sustainable kids' clothing options. We believe in creating a better future for our children and the planet. That's why we prioritise the use of organic and eco-friendly materials, ensuring that our clothing is not only fashionable but also environmentally responsible.